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Friday March 3, 2023



*100% Virtual Global Event

1-Day DEI Committee Strategic Planning Retreat

It's Time to Get Your DEI Committee Some Results

You've answered the call, stepped up to the plate, and volunteered your time, but deep down inside you know that you're not fully equipped to effectively support your organization's diversity and inclusion strategy. 

After months (even years) of meeting, brainstorming, and planning, your committee hasn't gotten the momentum it hoped for, and reality is starting to set in that you may be in over your head. Your committee really wants to continue this work, but you're at a crossroads and need some direction and structure so that your committee can have a tangible impact. 

Your credibility is at stake and your organization is relying on you to help them get results. It'd be a huge win if you could learn the skill of successfully managing and operating a DEI Committee.


Now, with DEI Committee Con,  there's no excuse. We've designed a high-impact day where your committee will get the tools it needs to finally accomplish its goals. Get your fellow committee members together and secure your spot at what will be an epic one-day planning retreat  to help you get things back on track. See you there!

1-Day DEI Committee Strategic Planning Retreat

The Experience

Best Practices

During this session we're shedding light on the ultimate do's and don'ts of managing a DEI committee so that you can avoid common mistakes that will reduce your credibility and effectiveness.

Strategy Labs

You won't waste your day learning about strategies to implement later. During our interactive strategy labs committees will have an opportunity to make key decisions while the information is top-of-mind.

Committee Co-Chair Development

This session will be exclusively for DEI Committee co-chairs. They will learn ways to navigate their role and step into their leadership responsibilities in a purposeful way.

Committee Creativity Challenge

This is brainstorming on a whole new level! During this session we will create the longest, most creative list of free and low-cost programming ideas that your committee can take back and implement right away. 

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The Cancel-Free Zone

Also Featuring:

Event participants will enjoy a 100% Cancel-Free Learning environment so that a safe place can be established for authentic discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What You'll Learn

March 3rd, 2023
10am-4pm EST

The Simple Structure for Committee Success- The structure of your committee is the single most important factor to its success. Learn our framework for structuring your committee in a way that incentivises members to stay engaged and execute at a high level.

A Plan to Attract Productive People Power- Your committee needs more than "passionate" volunteers to make progress. Learn exactly what you need to do to attract PRODUCTIVE people power that will supercharge your committee's results.

The Ultimate Programming Playbook- Aren't you tired of the same old heritage celebrations year after year? Isn't attendance dwindling at your monthly programs? Learn how to get creative with your committee programming so that you can have a fully inclusive approach that invites everyone to have a seat at the table. 

How to Secure Your Passes


1-Day DEI Committee Strategic Planning Retreat

*Countdown until Passes Go On Sale January 9th, 2023 at 7am EST*

Early-savings passes for DEI Committee Con will be released on Monday January 9th, 2023 at 7am EST to everyone on our Early Access Reservation List and will most likely sell out within the first 24 hours. Once this happens,  we will open up a waiting list via a form on this website.

If passes DO NOT sell out on January 9th, we will open sales to the public via this website for one week at the normal registration price. All sales for this conference will close on January 16th at midnight. No exceptions will be made and no extension requests will be accommodated.


All committees that attend the conference will receive FREE UNLIMITED DEI Committee/ERG Strategy Support for the rest of 2023! This means that the Calling All Allies Project team will be with you as you begin to implement the strategies that you've learned at the conference. No catch. No strings attached. Our mission is to make sure that you EXECUTE and ACCOMPLISH everything that you set out to do in 2023. Get on the Early Access RSVP list for free now!

Live Virtual Event March 3rd, 2023 10am-4pm EST

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